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The Second F.L.I. Music Video is up and on top of Beautiful San Francisco! You know we ball hard! Check it! Yeeee 

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Song: 02 The World is Ours (Rockstar Superstar)
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Get Fucked Up :)

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The first of many to come! The F.L.I. Life! Yessir 


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Kill Them All- F.L.I.-@ThatKidCross

Never let other people run your life. Take advice when you want to but live your damn life. Fuck sittin’ back and hiding shit. Be the real you, fuck that fake shit. I am a music producer. You got a problem with that? Fuck You. Take life seriously for a second bitch, if you got a problem you better come with some real feedback so listen to that shit first, all of it, before you start runnin’ your damn lips. Because your ears must be fucked up. I ain’t even sayin this shit in anger. I’m telling you how it is with a smile on my face. Feelin’ great my nigga. Blowin trees, blunts, not that J shit, its just not me. I mean I’ll blaze one down if there aren’t any cigars around to sacrifice, but blunts up, always. 

All the music you hear is my music that I wrote, beats, verses, mixin’ masterin’, I’m the creator. I own my shit. You want to get down with me? You better fucking come hard. Be You and You might get respect. 

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Also, new hip hop album releasing mid may! Stay tuned.

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